Crane Festivals

Festival of the Cranes

November 14-19, 2006

Socorro, New Mexico
Bosque del Apache NWR


Monte Vista Crane Festival

March 10-12, 2006

Celebrate the Return of over 20,000 Cranes

Monte Vista, Colorado

Sunrise-Sunset tours

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Poster Artist - Marjorie Mullany

Marjorie has been working in art, craft, music, and dance since the late 1980's. From jewelry making in the 80's she turned to painting on silk in the early 90's, creating comical scenes which reflect the rural life in New Mexico. Marjorie has brought to the fabric art field a product that is truely unique. She uses an antique photographic process which predates black and white photography by several years. Marjorie is using this 'blueprinting' technique as a way of reproducing her cut paper designs. These are marvelously intricate pieces with human, animal, and plant figures blooming in snowflake style symetry. After spending hours or days cutting a paper design Marjorie can reproduce it on fabric any number of times. Our cover is a photograph of one of her fabric pieces.

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