Nine Mile Rock Art

How to find Nine Mile Canyon:

From the south (Moab, Grand Junction, Price), the principal access route is eight miles east of Price, on Highway 6/191, turning north on 2200 East (Soldier Creek Road, at Walkers Food and Fuel Chevron Station). From the north (Vernal, Duchesne), access is via Highway 40/191, one mile west of Myton.

How much time to allow to tour the Canyon:

At least one full day should be devoted to touring the 78 mile Nine Mile Canyon Back Country Byway. This includes four driving hours, and time for short walks and frequent stops.

How to plan a loop trip:

The following scenic loop can be driven in either direction. From Highway 6, travel east through Nine Mile Canyon, north up Gate Canyon, west on Highway 40 to Duchesne and southwest down Indian Canyon returning to Highway 6.
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