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"on this mountain, the lord will provide"
The Monks of Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey and the Sisters of Mother of Mercy and Peace continue the long history of Benedictine life going back to St. Benedict, a founder of monasticism in the western world. St. Benedict (480-547 A. D.) envisioned and modeled a way of life designed to foster continual communion with God. He saw a pattern of this life in the first Christian community in Jerusalem. "They devoded themselves to teaching of the apostles and to the communal life, to the breaking of the bread and to the prayers" (Acts 4:32). In his Rule for Monasteries, St. Benedict laid down practical teachings and guidelines for this vision to be realized. The monks and sisters of Pecos have embraced this vision of St. Benedict, while giving it a unique expression.

Opened since February, 1997, the four "Patti Brewer Hermitages" have been occupied for varying lengths of time from a few days to more than a month. Our hermits enjoy breathtaking vistas of the canyon, the possibility of cooking for themselves, and a quiet atmosphere. Located in a single building, each unit is self contained, with its own sitting area, picture windows, desk, kitchenette, bed, bathroom and closet. The hermitages are ideal for guests who want more solitude.


October 17-22

Rita Bennett and Bruce Makowski

This is a must workshop for anyone in the healing ministry or for anyone seeking a deeper healing for oneself or one’s family. Rita Bennett brings to this workshop a wealth of knowledge and experience in showing the way to healing of spirit, body and soul. She and her late husband, The Rev. Dennis Bennett, have been recognized as leaders in the charismatic renewal and the ministry of healing since the early 60’s. Over the years Rita has developed a thorough and comprehensive approach to healing. Some of the healing topics to be covered are: Healing Your Inner Child, Understanding the Triune Person, Freedom from Addictions, Renouncing the Works of Darkness, Learning to Forgive from Will and Emotions, Overcoming Obstacles to Healing, Binding and Loosing Prayer (Soul Healing through Spiritual Warfare), Deliverance Prayer, and Learning How to Pray with Others.
Rita Bennet is the author of Emotionally Free, How to Pray for Inner Healing, Making Peace with Your Inner Child and To Heaven and Back. She will be assisted by Rev. Bruce Makowski who has work closely with Rita for many years in the ministry of healing. Bruce is a graduate of the Pecos School for Charismatic Spiritual Directors. This workshop concludes after breakfast on October 22.
Suggested Donation: Single $375; Couple $685

November 5 - 7


The Pecos Community
One of the special charisms of the Benedictine Rule is the call to live in the spirit and practice of the virtue of hospitality. How are we called to live this virtue in the light of our commitment as Benedictine Oblates? Come and share this experience with other Oblates of the Pecos Monastery, sharing insights, hopes and dreams of living as St. Benedict has called us, in the midst of the challenges of today’s world. Through liturgies, communal and personal prayer time and talks, reflect and ponder the heart of hospitality in our lives.
Suggested Donation: Single: $240; Couple $430


If you wish to register for one of the retreats listed above or wish to make a private or directed retreat please contact the Reservations Office. Call (505) 757-6415, Ext. 254.

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