Travelin' Teddy


I am Travelin' Teddy. I love to travel.

I have a bag packed at all times and am ready to get out the door, on the trail, at a moments notice.

I especially love to hike. I have climbed many peaks and have scrambled around on the red rock in Utah looking for interesting ancient things.

I love picnics too. I especially like burritos somethered in hot green chile. I pack these in my cooler to keep them fresh.

Come follow me as I explore the American Southwest

Teddy - always travelin'

Teddy near the top of Capulin Peak, NM SuziQ ©2004-2005
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Please send me an email postcard.

I would like to know where you have been and where you are going.

Did you find some interesting things along the way?

Where is the best ice cream?

Where is the best green chile?

Where is an awesome hike?

I will send you one of my postcards.

Travelin' Teddy