Pueblo Dances

2007 New Mexico Pueblo Celebrations
January 1
Taos Pueblo - Turtle Dance
Santo Domingo Pueblo - Corn Dance
San Juan Pueblo - Cloud or Basket Dance
January 6- Kings Day Celebration
Picuris Pueblo - various dances
Nambe Pueblo - Buffalo, Deer and Antelope Dances
Sandia Pueblo - Various Dances
Taos Pueblo - Deer or Buffalo Dances
Most pueblos have dances on Jan. 6th
January 22
San Ildefonso Pueblo - Vespers Evening with firelight procession 6 pm - call to confirm.
January 23
San Ildefonso Pueblo - Annual Feast Day - Buffalo, Comanche & Deer Dances
January 25
Picuris Pueblo - St. Paul's Feast Day - Various Dances

February - 1st weekend
Old Acoma Pueblo - Governor's Feast Day - Various Dances
February 2
San Felipe & Picuris Pueblos - Candelaria Day Celebration
TBA - Usually a February Event
Indian Day at the New Mexico State Legislature (through the NM Office of Indian Affairs) - Held in the beginning of the Winter Session of the Legislature. Various tribal dances, trade show & recognition of New Mexico statewide tribal leadership.

February 28 thru all of March
Taos Pueblo- Closed to Public & Closed for visitation.

March 19
Old Laguna Pueblo - Harvest Dance & Various Dances
St. Joseph's Feast Day
March 27 (Easter Sunday)
At most Pueblos - Basket & Corn Dances Info: Call Tribal Offices
Nambe Pueblo - Bow & Arrow Dance after Mass
Zia Pueblo - Various Dances
San Ildefonso - Various Dances

April 27-28-29
Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque, NM
Info: www.gatheringofnations.com

April 23 to May 1
Pueblo Days at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

May 1
San Felipe Pueblo - St. Philip Feast day -- Corn Dance
May 3
Taos Pueblo - Corn Dance - Santa Cruz Feast Day - Blessing of the Fields
May (Memorial Day Weekend)
Jemez Pueblo - Annual Red Rocks Arts & Crafts Show.

June 13
St. Anthony Feast Day- Annual Feast Dayt at Sandia.
Taos Pueblo
San Ildefonso and Picuris Pueblos -
San Juan Pueblo - Green Corn Dances
Santa Clara Pueblo - Comanche Dance
Picuris Pueblo - Foot Races
June 19 - Father's Day Weekend
Indian Pueblo Cultural Center Summer Arts & Crafts Fair Picuris Pueblo - Weekend High Country Arts & Crafts Festival
June 24
San Juan Pueblo - Annual Feast Day - Corn Dances
Taos Pueblo - Traditional Corn Dances
St. John Feast Day
June 29
Santa Ana Pueblo - St. Peter's Feast Day - Corn Dance

July 4
Nambe Pueblo - Celebration of the waterfall - call to confirm
July 4
Mescalero Apache - Maiden's Puberty Rites & Mountain Spirits Dance
July - First Weekend
Picuris Pueblo - Arts & Crafts Fair
July 9-11
Taos Pueblo - Annual Intertribal PowWow
July 14
St. Bonaventure Feast Day - Cochiti Pueblo- Corn Dances
July 15-18
Jicarilla Apache - Little Beaver Roundup & Rodeo & Various Dances in Dulce, New Mexico
July 17 & 18
San Juan Pueblo - 34th Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Annual Arts & Crafts Fair
Info. contact (505) 852-4265 or 800-793-4955
July 25
Santiago Feast Day - Taos & other pueblos - Corn Dances
July 26
Santa Ana Annual Feast Day - Corn Dance
Laguna Pueblo - St. Ann's Feast Day - Harvest & various Dances (Seama)

August 1-3
30th Annual International Spiritual Gathering - Rocksprings, NM. Spiritual prayers, Pow-wow, traditional Navajo Song & Dance, arts & crafts & more. Free Admission.
Info: (505) 722-2177
August 4
Santo Domingo Pueblo - Annual Feast Day & Corn Dance
August 4 - 8
Gallup Inter-tribal Indian Ceremonial: Various dances, parades, arts & crafts and rodeo at Red Rock State Park.
Info: www.gallupnm.org or (505) 864-3896.
August 8-10
Zuni Pueblo - Annual Arts & Cultural Expo
August 9
Picuris Pueblo - San Lorenzo Sunset Dances
August 10
(Historical Anniversary Date of Pueblo Revolt)
Acoma Pueblo (Acomita) - San Lorenzo Feast Day
Picuris Pueblo - Ceremonial foot race, pole climb and dances
August 12
Santa Clara Pueblo - Annual Feast Day - Buffalo, Harvest or Corn Dance
August 15
Zia Pueblo - Annual Feast Day - Corn Dances
Laguna Pueblo - The Assumption of Our Blessed Mother's Feast Day - Harvest & various dances at (Mesita village)
August 21 - 24
Zuni Pueblo - Annual Zuni Tribal Fair
August 21&22
Southwest American Indian Art (SWAIA) Annual Indian Market in Santa Fe, NM
August 28- Isleta Pueblo - St. Augustine Feast Day - Mass in the morning and a procession following Mass - Dances in the afternoon

September 2
Old Acoma Pueblo - Annual Feast Day - Harvest Dance
September 1-8
58th Annual Navajo Nation Fair
Info: (928) 871-6478 or www.navajonationparks.org
September 4
Isleta Pueblo - Saint Augustine's Feast Day - Harvest Dance
September 6 & 7
Santo Domingo Pueblo - Annual Arts & Crafts Show
September 8
Laguna Pueblo - Social Dances (Encinal village)
San Ildefonso Pueblo - Corn Dance
Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary's Feast Day
2nd or 3rd weekend
Jicarilla Apache - Stone Lake Fiesta & various dances in Dulce, NM
Info: (505) 759-3242
September 19
Old Laguna Pueblo - St. Joseph's Feast Day - Buffalo, Eagle & social dances
September 25
Laguna Pueblo - St. Elizabeth's Feast Day - Harvest & social dances at Paguate village.
September 29
Taos Pueblo - San Geronimo Eve - Vespers - Sunset Dance
September 30
Taos Pueblo - San Geronimo's Feast Day - Trade fair, ceremonial foot races and pole climb

Early October
Zuni Pueblo - Zuni Harvest Festival. Info: (505) 782-4481
October 1-9
Balloon Fiesta Week at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center featuring daily art demonstrations and traditional dances

October 3
Nambe Pueblo - Evening Firelight Vespers
October 4
Nambe Pueblo - St. Francis de Assisi Feast Day - Annual Feast Day - Buffalo & Deer Dances
October 10-11
Alamo (Navajo) Indian Day Info: (505) 854-2686/2688
October 17
Laguna Pueblo - St. Margaret's Feast Day - Harvest & social dances at the village of Paraje

November 12
Tesuque Pueblo - San Diego Feast Day - Annual Feast Day - Various dances
November 27 (Thanksgiving Day)
Zuni Pueblo - Christmas Light Parade

1st Weekend in December
8 Northern Indian Pueblos Winter Arts & Crafts Fair.
December 11
Pojoaque Pueblo - Vespers and procession are usually held at 6 pm
December 12
Pojoaque Pueblo - Annual Feast Day - Mass at 10 a.m. - dances performed after the mass.
December 24 & 25
Picuris & San Juan Pueblos - Spanish dance "Los Matachines"
Christmas Eve & Christmas Day
San Juan Pueblo - Pine Torch Procession
December 24 (Christmas Eve)
Taos Pueblo - Sundown procession with bonfires - Children's Dance
Old Acoma Pueblo - Pueblo is lit with luminaries beginning at the Scenic View Point and continues as far as "Sky City"
Laguna Pueblo - Dances follow 10 a.m. Mass
San Felipe, Santa Ana & Tesuque Pueblos - Dances after midnight Mass
Nambe Pueblo - Buffalo Dances after Mass
San Juan & Picuris Pueblos - Sundown torchlit procession of the Virgin Vespers - Matachine Dance
December 25
Tesuque Pueblo - Various dances
Taos, San Juan & Picuris Pueblo - Dances to be announced (Deer or Los Matachine)
San Ildefonso Pueblo - Christmas Celebration & Matachine Dances
December 26
San Juan Pueblo - Turtle Dance (no pictures)
December 28
Santa Clara Pueblo - Innocents Day Dance
Picuris Pueblo - Holy Innocence Day "Children's Dance"

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